Wisdom is Sexy

I know wisdom isn’t something that’s talked about much in my generation. I don’t know, man, no one likes to be told what to do or what not to do. No one likes unwarranted advice and, more importantly, if that advice is something you didn’t plan on doing in the first place. It may be just me but wisdom is something I take seriously. And I’m not talking about something you can learn in school. Wisdom isn’t necessarily knowledge but something entirely different.

Wisdom is Sexy

I don’t know about you but somebody who has a clear direction for their life is attractive (especially a man)! Notice I didn’t say “have it all together” because that, fam, simply doesn’t exist.

But wisdom says LEARN and your actions, character, life will reflect what you’ve gleaned, instead of a report card of failed lessons. Practicing wisdom makes people listen to what you have to say and want to follow your example. It is refreshing and timely, especially in a world where it’s barely known.


Lessons remind us we’re still children in need of learning! Like babies, we’re prone to failure and in constant need of correction. Wisdom says use experience as the best teacher. Use struggles and adversity as pop quizzes and tests. Wisdom says learn from them. Take what you can and leave the rest.

Every year I write a blog on my birthday (see 24 Lessons from 24 Years) about the experiences I’ve had and what I’ve gained from them. And I am only TWENTY-FOUR (let that sink it). They’re not the most profound aphorisms but they certainly reflect the place I am in life. If you ain’t learning, you ain’t growing. And that includes failure (see Do What Scares You).

I wonder how many people, twice my age, are going through the same lessons over and over and NOT learning from it, no wisdom produced from it.

That’s pitiful to say the least.

Benefits of Wisdom

Choosing wisdom ain’t easy. Maturity takes practice. Age doesn’t make you wise and youth doesn’t mean you’re stupid. Some benefits of wisdom are:

  • Focus
  • Knowledge
  • Clear schedule
  • Less drama
  • Serenity

No, these things don’t automatically come to you but you’ll begin to see its fruits slowly and start to wonder when life fell into place. You ever met someone 40+ years old that still ain’t got “it” yet? Like, you wonder why they behave like 22 year olds? Fam, wisdom doesn’t just come to you, you gotta seek it out! Refuse to be that person wrestling with that same thing year after year after year. Choose to be wise about your decisions. And if you don’t have any wisdom, ask for it! God, isn’t stingy with his children. You deserve a little peace.