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Ladies, our skin is such a vital piece of our being, a barrier against harmful toxins, and (most times) the first thing people see. I know everyone’s skin is different and reacts to products in different ways therefore, in order for me to serve you better, I would like to know a few things about your skin before you place your order. Please fill out the contact form below so your products can be made specifically for you! Once you complete the form I will send I skin care regime just for you. Browse below for individual products and to place separate orders. 


 No makeup! Just beautiful skin. Love the lip balm because it gives me the shine that I like in lip glosses but without the sticky residue that most lip glosses leave. – Katrina Richardson

Brown Sugar Scrubs

This crowd favorite is exactly what you need for your skin: face, hands, feet. It serves as a scrub to rid your face of dirt deep under the skin and opens up your pores. The honey and coconut oil puts moisture back into the skin. Available in 8oz: brown sugar, raw honey, coconut oil, lavendar oil and orange oil Shipping Available upon Request


Pucker Up Peppermint Lip Balm

All natural lip balm made with raw Shea butter, coconut oil and peppermint. Each comes in a fragrance of your choice: peppermint, lavender, citrus Shipping Available upon request.


Naturalista’s Hair Oil

This has to be my favorite! Jammed pack with everything your hair needs from essential oils to organic blends. Ingredients: olive, coconut, lavander, tea tree, peppermint, almond, jojaba oil *contents vary per ounce


Honey, Lavender + Orange Face Wash

Yes yes! 8oz of a complete moister boost. By far a must have for a quick cleanser in the morning and at night. Ingredients: raw honey, Castile soap, coconut oil, distilled water, orange oil, lavander oil


Green Tea + ACV Toner

This 4 ounce toner is everything your face needs. A quick “wake me up” in the morning and an under eye lift for those of us who are sleep deprived. It combats blackheads and dark spots, too. Ingredients: green tea, apple cider vinegar (1 tbs per 4oz), orange oil