Going Ghost…


First of all, I want to say thank you for your readership and your dedication to Honestly Me. I really appreciate it! I’m sending virtual hugs your way! xoxo


So, for the next two weeks I’m taking a break from Honestly Me.


Now, y’all know, I love love LOVE to write and connecting with you all. However, there is a lot happening in my life currently: I’m applying to grad school (pray for me!), accelerating my professional career (freelance writing, copy editing, etc) all while trying to have a social life and healthy family relationships.

Honestly, I have to take a break for my sanity. Taking care of yourself is paramount and I want to practice what I preach. tumblr-mjo3i7IBCd1rare4zo1-500-1

So, thanks for being so faithful to Honestly Me and reading my posts every single week. BUT, I am not going ghost on you for too long. February I’ll be back and better than ever!


I’m dreaming up some giveaways for my first Honest Box! And, y’all know, I gotta go in for BHM next month so stay tuned…

I’ll still be doing my weekly digest for Honestly Me subscribers so make sure you subscribe via email for those.

That’s it for now belles, keep being honest.

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