What I REFUSE to Do In 2018

Instead of making new year’s reso-lies this year, I chose to make a list of things I refuse to do. And honestly, these are things I refuse to do another day. I refuse to let people use me another day. As women, we try to be everything for everyone; especially for people that we careContinue reading “What I REFUSE to Do In 2018”

When You Don’t Feel Pretty

Honestly, I haven’t felt pretty in a while. And it’s not something I’m looking to get pity from. I can encourage other women by telling them they’re beautiful and they’re worth it but sometimes I can’t do the same for myself. I haven’t looked in a mirror and felt completely beautiful or said to myselfContinue reading “When You Don’t Feel Pretty”

5 Reasons You’re Still Single

Before the hate emails start coming, ladies, this is not an exhaustive list! And it’s intent is for those of us who desire to be married. These are just some things God revealed to me in my quiet time with him and by observing the many many many relationships of people I know. I amContinue reading “5 Reasons You’re Still Single”