Tear Down These Walls!

  I have been noticing lately the foolishness that seems to crowd my social media sites, news feeds and IG.   Butts and Breasts Niggas and Bitches Horoscopes and Bouncing Babies Money over Everything So-called “life goals” that lead to nowhere This translates= I’ve been hurt, I’m searching for satisfaction, I’ve built walls, I don’tContinue reading “Tear Down These Walls!”

Journeys and Celebrations

Specifically the black females’ crown. the natural sister the relaxer sister the braids and weaves sister the shave it all off – crown and glory sister the dread lock sister And more than likely two or more of people who identify with these groups intersect. We African Americans have so much diversity and culture, justContinue reading “Journeys and Celebrations”

We Are Listening

“What a great time to be young and Christian in America” (Yay!) This is something that a young believer probably has not head or said recently. However in light of other world events that plague numerous countries, being young and Christian in America seems pretty sweet. For reasons I can’t explain, many believers feel thatContinue reading “We Are Listening”