3 Tips to Stay Motivated When You’re Ready to Quit

Before writing this blog, I felt like a hypocrite. I don’t always feel motivated or have an innate desire to push through. It’s hard sometimes. But, I guess, that’s what makes us human. However, in my little stint, I discovered 3 tips to help me get motivated again.

  1. Remember Your Why

Whatever you do, if it is any value to you then you have to remind yourself of why you do it in the first place.

Remembering your why is probably the best, most important way to stay motivated.

Because motivation is a fluid concept. It comes and goes, has its highs and lows. But your why, that NEVER changes. And so, you should hang onto your why pretty often.

2. Ask for Help

The thing about motivation is, it can be transferred. There have been many people who’ve mentored me and have not even known it. And the ones who I do know have provided even more help. For me, and dare I say most black women, have an idea that asking for help makes us look weak. And that is so far from being true. I just wish we could understand this more but asking for help makes you human. What does make you look weak, is feeling unmotivated and staying there, without using the resources around you.

3. Celebrate Your Progress

Looking back at where I started just does something for me. And knowing that I’m no longer at that place supplies more comfort and motivation.

If you’re at the point where you feel like quitting, don’t.

Remind yourself of where you came from and celebrate it.

My hope is that you, at least, find some truth in my words. If you are ready to quit, please know that I have been there too. These three steps, over time, have helped me find my motivation again.

Keep Being Honest,


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