Year End Review

It has been a remarkable year for Honestly Me! This post is dedicated to the top 3 blog posts readers have enjoyed most from 2020. Cheers to an even better 2021!

First up, with the MOST views, is The Girl Talk Series. This is a relaunch and rebrand of something I started back in 2018. However, I am so glad I did. Girl talk is simply a conversation I have with my girlfriends about anything from relationships to mental health and the beauty of it is, you get to choose what we discuss, seriously click here to fill out the suggestion box. Conversations like these are what need to be had especially during uncertain times as this. I had an honest talk with my good friend, Danielle. She talked about being a single mom during a pandemic and all that comes with it. Click here to watch the full video on Girl Talk Series: Being A Single Mom.

Next, is the Tip Tuesday series. This is a new edition to the blog I started in 2020. I felt like my readers needed something a little different to add to my usual content and, I’m glad my feelings led me in the right direction. 7 Side Hustles Creatives Can Start Right Now had the most views for Tip Tuesday. Click here to read the full post.

Finally, National Poetry Month, as usual, had a great turn out. The poem with the most views was When the Smoke Clears by, my friend, Holli Locher. She tells a beautiful story of love and lost, heartbreak and healing. You can read the entire poem by clicking here.

And dassit, fam.

2020 has been quite a year but I want to focus on the positive because there’s enough negative going around.

Keep Being Honest,


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