2020 Wrap-Up

Let’s be honest. I think we all can agree when I say that 2020 has been a ——- year. And you can fill in the blank with what ever word you like. For me, it has been surprise after surprise. Let’s go down the list. First and most annoying is the pandemic that is COVID 19 and the subsequent quarantine. Then came racial tension (click here to read No More), an entire circus posing as a presidential election, bold opinions (especially on social media. Audacity has been on sale ALL year) and let’s not forget, death (the black panther, the black mamba), disease, job loss, home school/online school, along with everyone trying to adjust to a new life.

I do not want to belittle any of the reality of this year or what some people have experienced. I realize I may be privileged in that respect. So, I do want to recognize that fact while providing some optimism.

To bring this year to a close I’d like to focus on the good that’s happened. So, let’s wrap up 2020 on a high note.

  • Passions Awakened

So many people have SO much time on their hands and they’re picking up old passions they’ve let die out. I mean, I’ve seen people crafting, podcasting, YouTubing, writing books, starting small businesses. It’s truly amazing. The good that came from this year for me was the current memoir I’m working on that doubles as my thesis for grad school. It’s amazing to have had worked on this story over a time when the world has literally came to a standstill. But maybe your passion looks different than mine and that’s okay, boo. Let’s celebrate the small wins.

  • Meaningful Connections

Time has afforded us opportunities to make meaning connections with loved ones. Some of us have cultivated better relationships with the people in our homes. And that, fam, is a win. Life can get crazy busy and often we forget that what matters most is right in the four walls of our home.

  • The Online Advantage

The world has literally shifted online. And that may have been the case before, but it has accelerated. Almost everyone I know works from the comfort of their own home. Which that’s a plus. This trend, I’m sure, will last until after this strange quarantine has ended. For me, I’ve learned that most of the students I teach are better focused online than in the classroom. Which is a win win. I know we all crave the day when we can actually walk into a public space without wearing a mask or hoisted hand-sanitizer. But until that day, online is where it’s at.

I know we all are hoping 2021 will be a necessary escape from the last 12 months. So, may the new year bring you nothing but good and if you happen to have some bad sprinkled in, remember that you’ve been through trenches before and came out alright.

Cheers to better days,


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