7 Blog Posts from My Archive Every Dreamer Should Read

Hey, fam. If you’re just joining Honestly Me, then Welcome! And enjoy the ride. If you’ve been rocking with me for a while, then you’ll be familiar with these archives. They’re oldies but goodies!

Why are these for dreamers you ask? Because I, too, am a bit of a dreamer. Well, actually, my life can be described as one (but we’ll get to that in another post). These archives are meant to inspire (dreamers crave inspiration) educate (who ever not needed education) and propel you to dream big (because dreaming small is stupid). ** To view these blogs, make sure your click on the link embedded in the section titles**

  1. Celebrate You!

Celebrate the essence of you. Failures included. Failures are signs that you are doing something right. Last time I checked, no dreamer ever became a full time, bonified dreamer without some failure in their life. So, celebrate the failures and celebrate those small wins too!

Tiny progress is the fuel of a dreamer.

2. For Those in Waiting

This blog post is all about waiting. I know, I know it may seem like a curse word to you. But, fam, it is necessary. Your dreams won’t manifest overnight (okay, maybe they will but that is extremely uncommon). The waiting period may seem like a weird limbo, but it is purpose in the waiting.

3. Reverse Self Sabotage

I have had a few stints with self-sabotaging thinking. But it is completely toxic. Every dreamer must know how to shift their thinking first! Success, or anything worth having, begins in the mind.

4. Know Your Limits

Every dreamer has a limit. Whether it be time or talents, everyone has a point where we cannot go anymore. And that’s okay! Learn from your mistakes, plan better, and do better. Once you identify what your limits are (through trial and error) then you can better plan for them in the future.

5. What’s Your Motivation?

The thing about Motivation is, it’s a fluid concept. This blog is for those who have episodes of high and low motivational sparks. But the key is to NOT lose that motivation! Hold on to it, boo.

6. Challenge Yourself

Every single dreamer faces challenges of all kinds. But that does not mean you should stop facing them. Keep pushing, keep showing up, keep going. Your worst failure can be not trying hard enough.

7. Do What Scares You

Doing what scares you can sound, well, scary, but it’s absolutely necessary. I don’t know about you, but fear can be crippling. It’s like the last thing anyone needs. But fear taught me that it is necessary to propel you forward. I mean, if I could do it, without the ideation of fear lingering over me, would I still have the same fervor to do said thing? Hmm… I think not. So, I’ve been doing it scared lately. Yeah, I said do it SCARED. I’m sure a lot of dreamers have been doing it scared for a long time and are still amazed at how their dreams came into fruition. It’s possible. So, get out there and do it. No matter how fearful you are.

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