7 Myths About Natural Hair Debunked

  1. It’s Not Good Hair

Idek why this is still a thing. I thought it was exposed with Chris Rock’s documentary Good Hair but for those who are hard of hearing, didn’t see it or refuse to believe the truth, I’ll summarize his thesis: Good hair is any kind that grows out of your scalp. And for those in the back, read it again.

Natural hair isn’t better or worse than any other hair style.

But it needs to be considered good because black women have been told the opposite since the first time a black woman covered her hair with a wrap.

  • It Doesn’t Grow

Girl, stop it! You know your hair grows! When was the last time you saw new growth and you knew it was time to take your braids out? Or the last time you noticed your dyed hair needed to be dyed again? That’s because your hair is growing, fam.

If you are a natural girl, then don’t get frustrated with the pace your hair is growing. Black women’s hair does take longer to grow compared to our white sister’s whose hair grows twice as fast in half the time. However, this does not mean that your hair does not grow. In fact, your natural is much longer that what you actually see. Ever heard of shrinkage? I know, it bothers me too. But I would never say that my natural hair is too short or doesn’t grow, which are both lies.

  • It’s Unmanageable

So, with any new skill, maintaining and managing natural hair has to be learned. Think about it, we’ve learned how to make and keep relaxed hair straight. Specifically speaking, we’ve learned that water, sweat and any form of H2O is a no go for relaxed hair. We’ve learned what box perm won’t burn our scalp, which hairstylist is best and when we need to go in for a touch up. We’ve learned how long to leave the relaxer in, how much Vaseline will protect our edges, and which blow dryer and flat iron works best. So, why not give the same dedication and tenacity to learning what products work for your own God-given, hair type?

  • It’s Not Soft

You ever felt a plush pillow made of pure cotton? Yep, I’ll leave you with that.

  • It’s Expensive

In a word: no.

This one echoes number three. You do not need to become a product junkie or continue to use one product if it doesn’t work well for your hair. When first transitioning or big chopping, there is a bit of a learning curve. So, I suggest doing some research first in order to avoid wasting money. But once you find a product line (and there are many, which I think is amazing. There’s never been as many products for natural girls than there are right now. #WINNING) that works best for you then spending money on one or two products won’t seem so costly. The cost that you spent previously going to salons or buying boxed creamy-crack are now funneled to buying products your hair will love.

  • It Takes Too Much Time

Natural hair is time consuming only if you don’t plan it out… I didn’t mistype. You have to get yourself, and your hair, into a routine. Choose which day of the week is wash day, pick a time when you will do protein, hot oil, or deep conditioning treatments, set aside time for pampering your hair. All of that time you used to spend in the salon damaging your curly kinks will now be spent treating them with care.

  • It Doesn’t Look The Way I Want It to Look

If you are basing your ideal of what your hair should look like from an influencer, social media stranger, or friend or even family, then stop.

That is the easiest way to set yourself up for disappointment. Natural hair is different from person to person, that means everyone’s hair type will vary. And the way your hair looks will be determined by what products you use, how well you eat, your sleeping habits and how often you move. I know that may sound trivial but it’s true. You have to learn to love your hair, at whatever length and whatever type. Embrace the shrinkage (because it ain’t going nowhere) and reject the fake ideals you’ve made up in your mind of what it should look like. Accept what you have, no, love what you have.

Keep Being Honest,


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