Peace Playlist

Peace seems to be something this world is in short supply of lately but I’ve been fighting to stay wrapped up in it as tightly as possible.

All month, I have been desperately finding simple ways to keep my peace, especially because the world around me is everything but. You can visit my instagram page for all 30 ways I find peace in the chaos.

However, instead of discussing all 30 ways I find peace, I wanted to focus on the one I think everyone responds to pretty well, & that is music.

I think people can underestimate the power music has, I mean, it can be found in a coffee shop, an elevator, birthday parties, and concert halls. It all serves one purpose: to create a desired atmosphere.

I want to give you the tools to foster peace in your home, work space, gym, or classroom… virtually, of course.

I created a playlist on Apple Music called “Soul Rest.” Feel free to add it to your library as you see fit.

Some artists include Natalie Lauren, H.E.R, Tobe Nwigwe.

If you don’t have Apple Music or just prefer to listen on YouTube, check out some songs listed below. And, please, remember to enjoy them and find the peace you need in the chaos.

Keep Being Honest,


The inviting lyrics and smooth beats create a dope bop for vibing out.
Tobe is known for his tribal, heartfelt lyrics. Pair those with Nell’s expertise and you have a bomb duo.
This song has so much sauce, words cannot even describe its greatness. From the bass guitar to the soulful voice of H.E.R, the whole ensemble works to create a bit of peace.

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