My Roadmap to Building Your Perfect Website

I have successfully launched my own personal website (click here to view), helped design and edit three (click here and here and here to view) and run a products and services website of my own (click here to view). Needless to say, I think I know the basics. Here’s how I built them:

**please note these suggestions will be curtailed to but it should apply to any hosting site**

  • Choose a publishing platform

There are many web hosting sites that promise to do various things. But don’t get overwhelmed. The key is finding the website that works best for what you want to do.

So, here’s the 411 on It is mainly tailored for bloggers, photobloggers, musicians, etc or pretty much anyone who has a portfolio they want to display. The interface supports selling products and services on any of its premium themes.

Next up is, Many people love Wix for the straight forwardness. For example, it gives you have more options to pick and choose what you want your website to look like before fully committing to paying any fees for hosting it. That is, it has a drag and drop interface.

Lastly is I love Squarespace for its simplicity. They offer the widest range of themes to fit any one’s needs. If you are looking for a simple invite page, personal resume page, online store, a simple landing page, then Squarespace is what you need.

  • Choose a catchy, simple + obvious domain name

Domain names are the first thing people see, say and type when they search for your site. Therefore, you must choose a domain name that fits well. I suggest something short and easy to remember. Domain names are usually combined with a purchased hosting site when you register; however, they do cost money. Which brings me to my next point.

  • Prepare to spend money

All of these websites offer free plans, however, to get all of the best and most out of your website, plan to spend some money. Whether it be for a domain name or website plugins or, even, upscale themes, there will be a fee. I suggest paying for a simple plan nothing too fancy, but something that will give you a little freedom to accomplish your goals with the site.

  • Don’t spend too much money

Many of these hosting websites will pressure you, as is their job, to buy their plans or upgrade from the one you’re already paying for. Don’t do this. Zero in on what you want for your website and leave the rest for others.

  • Your website’s vibe MATTERS

Colors, fonts, images and content matter. Spend time beautifying your website the most.

People will keep coming back to your site based on how it makes them feel.

Choose colors that connect with you and your theme for your site. Make sure your fonts are easy to read and be sure your content always serves a purpose for your viewers.

And, dassit, fam. Following this simple roadmap can get you started on building a perfect website from the ground up.

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