How To Stand Out As A Black, Female Business Owner

First off, let me say that black women are killing the game! There has never been a more opportune time for us to own a small business (or provide services) than right now. With that being said, here’s how to stand out from the crowd:

Be Yourself

I had to learn this the hard way. Truth is, your gift will make room for you! And I know you thinking like: “But everyone, is writing a book, starting a blog, beginning a podcast, has a YouTube channel, claims to be a life coach, (or insert whatever business venture you want to pursue).” And my response is: ain’t none of them you!

These platforms are yielding the highest audiences and consumers right now. Fam, you better get you some of that! Everyone has their own audience. And it’s not that you are doing something entirely different or extravagantly innovative. No, we are all doing the same things, just putting our own personal touch to it.

You have to find your people.

Just so we’re clear up front, everybody IS NOT going to like you or what you have to offer. And quite frankly: so, what? You’re not for them. Think about it? How many brands of t-shirts are there?… I’ll wait. And you’re probably just naming the big brands. It seems like everybody and they mama got a t-shirt out and people are still buying them.

No one ever said: “Hmmm, there are too many brands of sliced bread. I’ll just take mine off the market. It’s too saturated anyway.” Are you kidding me? Have you been down your local grocery store’s bread aisle lately? They all profess to do something different. But really, they just all have their own consumer-based audience who’ll invest in what they offer. So, find your audience then find out what they want. Create an avatar of your ideal consumer and consistently produce content they find irresistible. For help on identifying audience click here for my last blog post.

You must produce, provide & promote

That means you gotta show up! Once you’ve found your people, produce what they want. Whether in content, actual products or services, give your audience what they want. That also means you have to provide it to them. Find a platform that works best for you services and for your consumers. If you find that YouTube lags behind in subscribers but you have a good amount of Instagram followers them share your videos there first, then your audience will invest in subscribing to a new platform.

Which brings me to my next point: promotion. You really don’t need to pay for advertisements or pay someone else to do it for. All you need is to get the word out there. This can be done online but having real life conversations still work. Once you have some traction then investing in ads can be a lucrative option.

And that’s it. I know this list isn’t exhaustive so share with me tips and tricks you use to stand out as a black, female business owner in the comments below.

Keep Being Honest.



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