5 Steps to Detox Successfully During Social Injustice

Let’s be honest, a pandemic, protests, and the imperfections of regular life can take a toll. I mean, I have never experienced anything quite like what I am experiencing right now. It’s a unique, frustrating and life changing time all wrapped into one. 

So, last week I decided to take a much needed break from all the media heavy, bad news barriers and take some time to detox… successfully. Here’s how you can too:

1. Stop Watching The News

All kinds of news can misconstrue stories to fit their political connects, and their pockets. Many times half of the story, which turns into half truths are all that the media cares to portray. So, I stopped watching it altogether… for a good 5 days.

2. Turn Off Social Media

This was probably the best thing I could do for myself. I found that my emotions were tied to wether people, racists people, agreed with my stance or not. I was arguing with these said people in hopes that they would, magically, understand the plight of black Americans in America. And I am not even one to post on social media that much. I was angry and sad and I needed to release. Which brings me to my next step.

3. Have Conversations

I had some hard conversations with my loved ones, my pastor, and friends to try and figure out if I was the one that was wrong. (I am not). Some of my non-black friends reached out to me with a simple “I am here for you,” and sometimes that is all I need to know. I had some conversations with them as well, just to see if they understood my views. And for the most part it helped me progress pass my anger. It showed that not all white (or insert whatever group of people) people are not bad. 

4. Get Active

But I still had some pent-up anger so I decided to go for a run. Getting active relieves stress and relaxes the muscles as well. (Click here for studies and stats.) Thirty minutes of doing anything that gets your body moving and gets your mind off all the bad stuff can go a long way.

5. Fight for Rest

I don’t know about you, but since I’ve been out of work due to quarantine, my sleeping habits have been ridiculous. I mean, not having a set schedule or having to punch a clock everyday has its good and bad. During my five day hiatus, I focused on getting a full 8-hours of rest. Hear me, not all rest is good rest. Turn off the television when you sleep, turn on calming music, use incense, or buy a new mattress. Do whatever you have to to make sure your rest (your peace) is not interrupted.


I hope these tips are successful for you as they were for me. And if you find yourself spiraling down a dark hole, deleting friends whom you know (or perceive to be) bias and calling out random racists over the internet; take some time to pull back, breathe, and know that what you are feeling is valid. These feelings are what our ancestors had since we were brought here. And like they did, we will overcome.

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