There’s nothing worse than having a pretty face and un ugly soul.

Pursuing inner beauty can seem pointless. But I promise you it’s not. The good thing about this quarantine is it’s forcing some of us to spend much more time with ourselves.

We find out all the yucky stuff in us that we don’t want anyone to see. The stuff we cover up with busyness or serial relationships or purposelessness for sake of “having fun.”

But let’s sit with that ugly stuff, all the flaws (internally) that make us cringe and hide. Don’t mask it. If you’re seeing it now, then I’m sure others are too.

Stop running from you. There’s nothing worse than having a pretty face and un ugly soul. So, what you saying, Shanisha? I’m glad you asked. (Let’s get some inner beauty gains).

I’ve been identifying places in me that ion really like. I’ve done this by:

  1. Being Still

Sometimes you just gotta get quiet. Free yourself from distractions. Use the Do Not Disturb feature on your phone (it actually works). Delete social media accounts, deactivate if you need to (you can always reactivate later). Turn off your tv. Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and all that can wait.

  1. Being Quiet

And I know this can be scary for some people, and extremely hard to do with errbody being home. Maybe your quiet space is your bedroom, a bathroom, a closet space. Maybe you get quiet by going on walks/jogs. Maybe you steal quiet moments in your car. Lately, I’ve been making the carpet on my bedroom floor my quiet space. You gotta do what you gotta do.

  1. Lean In

It may be easy to run from it. But don’t.

Typically, I bring a journal with me wherever I go and lately that’s been from my bedroom to my couch to my car and back again lol (and that’s okay). The goal here is to get yourself thinking about you. Think of a relationship you have/ had (romantic, friendship, family, professional, etc). Think of a conflict you had. How did you respond? Or maybe something good happened. How did you respond to that? Study your habits. That’s a sure-fire way to discover how you respond when things are going good and bad.

  1. Define Your Own Beauty

Here’s the “fun” part, and I use that word loosely. From what you’ve discovered about you (habits and actions that make up your character), define what beauty looks like to you. What habits or character traits do you have that do/ do NOT fit your definition of beauty? What can you do to change it? If you don’t define beauty for yourself, you’ll be living up to everyone else’s expectation of it for you. And it doesn’t have to be beauty-pageanty. Something clear and simple and relatable and true to you will work.

My definition looks a lil’ something like: beauty – the combination of humility and care I give to those closest to me…

Yours doesn’t have to look like mine and it can change over time, as long as you are living up to your true definition of beauty.


So, what’s your definition of beauty? Respond below.

Keep Being Honest,


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