12 Things I Pray For

This week’s poem by Honestly Me’s very own, Shanisha, is for all those who worry.

You can follow her on instagram @shanishabwrites

This is the last installment to Feature Friday for #NationalPoetryMonth. You can subscribe to be notified when more blogs are posted or follow us on IG @honestlyme_blog

Keep Being Honest,


  1. I pray doubt doesn’t confine me

My indecisiveness is often clouded with dreams.

  1. I pray I have the audacity to hope

It’s strange to feel faith in the face of despair.

  1. I pray certainty saves me from myself

Wish I could pick a choice. Make it mine.

  1. I pray wisdom finds its place within the life I lead

This thing called knowledge is attractive.

  1. I pray I don’t become lonely

Preservation is a skill and a curse.

  1. I pray God sends a man my way

Black, Degreed, Paid, Strong, Consistent, Prayed Up…

I may be asking too much.

  1. I pray my writing lasts

Temporary impacts breed hate.

  1. I pray I fail enough to stay humble

(see #4’s reasoning)

  1. I pray my fear run scared

I am impressed by its thirst for ruin.

  1. I pray prayer be my weapon

When emotions blare louder than truth.

  1. I pray obedience be my 1stchoice

Freedom has a way of shining up reality.

  1. I pray my next steps are bold even if my flesh disagrees.




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