This week’s poem by Demetria is dedicated to the whispers and silent prayers God speaks to our hearts. You can follow her on Instagram @deekeesee


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Keep Being Honest,



When you call I will pick up and answer.

You are the first person that comes to my mind.

When I hear the sound of my text messages go bing, I look down and began to smile 😊. I’ve been waiting on you for a while.

Can I call you as of now? Will you answer me?

“How deep can this love really get” is what your spirit sings.

Let me whisper sweet melodies 🎶 in your ear.

I will comfort you in your time of need if you let me in.

You can hide in my secret place safe and sound you will find rest.

Give me all your worries, your fears, and the pain, I got your covered.

Put your trust in me, give me all you got.

I’m here listening to you pray as we speak.

Call unto me and I will make a sound back.

I’m moving beyond the pace of your speed. Yes it’s me.

I’m reaching out towards you. You know I got what you need.

Wondering like hmmm 🤔 if you will answer me back, I’m waiting on your response.

Would you say yes? Can you be true? to a person you haven’t seen before?

Open up to me, don’t leave me on read.

I’m here calling out to you for sure.

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