The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Skin

Everyone should have a solid skin care routine, nothing fancy. But it should hit all of these components:

  • Exfoliate

You know those cute little beads in the shower gel, hand sanitizers, and cream? Those are used for exfoliation. I suggest starting with a clean, damp face, then use a scrub or any skin care product that has small beads. Apply a small amount into the palms of your hands and massage into your face. This promotes healthy blood flow and feels really good, too.

  • Cleanse

Fam, you need a cleanser. And I mean, a good one. Cleansers that have the first ingredient being water, is a great start. After you have exfoliated, you typically use a cleanser to refresh your face and add in some moisture that the exfoliant stripped.

  • Toner

Don’t underestimate the power of a good toner. Listen, I thought it was a waste of time too, but I was so wrong. The right toner tightens and, depending on the one you use, combats acne and dark spots when used over a period of time. These are usually lightweight and can be added after cleaning your face or can be spread on throughout the day to give your skin a little boost.

  • Serum/ Moisturizers

These aren’t for everyone. You will have to know your skin type before you actually can decide what’s best for you. Serums are lightweight oils that add in extra moisture that toners strip from your face. Moisturizers, like the name suggests, have the same effect but can be a bit heavy depending on the type of skin you have.


And that’s pretty much all you need to go out there and kill it! If you don’t have products to strengthen your healthy skin, no worries, I have a full line of 100% natural products. Click here to see what I use on my face, hair and skin.



Keep Being Honest.



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