What I Refuse to Do in 2020

In years past I have written about a definitive number of things, however, not a lot can change in a year or has changed (with me at least). So, in order to avoid dead end new year’s reso(lies) and focus on ONE thing I will refuse to do or stop doing, which is putting limitations on what or who I am or can do. In a word: Confidence.

Confidence is defined by having a firm trust in someone or something.

Confidence is something I’ve been in short supply of for, idk – as long as I can remember.

And I’m not just talking about confidence in myself, I mean, many people have that. However, I’m talking about a confidence in my goals, dreams, and, of course, myself – that I can achieve. 

You know what steals confidence? doubt. 

That’s been something in 2019 that crippled me and my progression. But, let’s be honest, doubt and her cousin: fear, haunts many of us. 

Listen, doubt and fear don’t just go away (I wish it did!). Nah, they never die like cockroaches in the hood; if you kill one 20 more appear from nowhere.

But, I believe the best way to combat doubt and keep your confidence in whatever you want to see come into fruition in 2020 is belief. I know believing can seem like a childlike thing to do but, It. Changes. Things. I’m telling you what I know.

The biggest win I had last year was losing 35lbs (see Challenge Yourself) and that is a lot of weight given the amount of pressure I was under. 

I was talking with my trainer, Jackie, at the gym and she says something like, “you know, you are a lot stronger than you think. What ever I give to you, you always do it. I’ve never seen you stop or slow down.” 

Now, being that she was trying to encourage me to do five more burpees and run eight extra minutes, I figured she was just giving usual trainer motivation. But I really thought about what she was saying when I got home. Through all the pain and fussing I was doing, I realized she was right. And once I put my doubt in its place, working out didn’t feel like a chore (well, sometimes it does) but I never leave the gym thinking: man, I wish I never went to the gym today. The end result was so much more worth it.

So, what confidence are you honing in 2020? Is it confidence in yourself, your goals – buying a new care or a new home, becoming self-employed or work from home, gaining better relationships with your family or close friends, reading more books and spending less time on social media (that’s one of my goals too!) or maybe you want to graduate on time or go back to school, save more and spend less, get healthy, or what ever your goal may be; there is hope for you yet.

Envision the end result before you start and believe that you can do it. Put your doubt in its place, silence the little voice in your head that tells you anything other than the truth. If you need someone in your corner, I’m ya girl! (Follow me on Instagram here.)

Leave a comment below and let me know your goals.

Keep Being Honest!


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