Staying Intentional

Hurrying is a curse. 

So, I’m going to practice what I preach and post a blog I like I’m posed to lol; don’t judge me. 

December has been a challenging month so far (and I love Christmas, so it sucks a little). The dread of finals and having to LIVE through them has been kicking my butt. 

Let me explain:

December 02-06, 2019 was the LONGEST week of my life and I am not over exaggerating.

So, I work full time as a high school teacher and the hours are usually 7am to 3pm (on a good day).  I go to school full time at Old Dominion University (I’m pursuing a graduate degree).

An impeccable 10 page was due on that Monday as well as a stellar presentation on that paper. Another 7 pages was due along with four cited sources (I hate researching) for a different class. 

I had three classes to attend (all starting at 4:20 and ending at 7pm) on Monday, Thursday and Friday.

I successful conducted my first Group Power (strength training) class Wednesday night at the YMCA. 

I lesson planned before the week was over. I blogged like crazy visit posts here.

And on top of all that I made a choice to be present for my students (most teachers tap out around this time of the year).

I gave 100% to my family and friends.

I didn’t miss life-group, an open mic or a worship night. I meal prepped in order not to stress eat and I went to the gym three times to combat stress too.

So, needless to say, I was drained and stretched beyond my capacity. 

And I am not saying all this to brag. But I am saying it because I could have made different choices. I could have caved in, I could have chosen to break. 

I don’t like being busy or hurrying all the time (that’s just how I am designed).

My energy was depleted by the end of the week but I knew was intentional about finishing what I started. And the results are long lasting. 

So, family, it is the end of the year; what are you being intentional about? I know life is happening, and sometimes things are out of your control. But that doesn’t mean you give up. I don’t know about you, but quitting is not a part of my vocabulary. I know the goals I started on January are not all going to be met by January 1, 2020 but I have been intentional and that means progress is being made. And that is a reason to keep trying.

I don’t give up because stuff gets hard. It ain’t getting no easier, fam. But you can have hope in knowing that being consistent and staying intentional is what separates winners from quitters.

So, what will you choose to be? Reply in the comments below.

Keep being honest.

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