Stay Consistent

It just dawned on me that it’s October and there’s only three months left in the year. Like where has the year gone? Fall has come and it’s still not cool here in Virginia (I hate living on the coast, sometimes). But seriously, it made me think about the goals I made back in January. You know? Those new year’s reso(lies) we all make. Well, I didn’t want mine to end up that way this year, so I decided to put in work. 

Let’s be honest, if you’re like me, then life happens. Your schedule gets busy and busier, your loved ones are pulling on you, your job is stretching you, and hair stops growing (that seriously happened to me!) and you wonder how it all ended up like this. 

It took nothing but consistency to keep me up on my goals. 

Consistency is part commitment, 3 parts focus and a whole lot of patience.

The main keys are to:

Remember Your Why

The only reason I get up and get my tail to the gym is to remember why I started in the first place. I set a goal this year to lose 50lbs (I still haven’t figured out why pounds are abbreviated with an l and a b, but I digress) which is very doable. But listen, I only shredded (and maintained) 35 of those pounds. And I am not bashing myself at all, but I know I need to keep going. Remembering my why makes me go to the gym when I don’t feel like, when I’m tired and stressed and when all I want is a fudge brownie and milkshake (I have a mean sweet-tooth). Sometimes you gotta be your own coach.

Coach Yourself

Sometimes you gotta be your own cheerleader. Nobody really cares if I stick to my goals or not. And that’s no shade to them. But the only one who really cares about meeting your goals is you. It’s great to have people in your corner to keep you accountable and to push you and all that jazz. But no one is gonna be there all. the. time. You have to make a choice for yourself. No one was with me when I chose a pack of carrots over a pack of Oreos. No one was there when I chose to increase my weight in strength training at the gym. And ain’t nobody gonna be there day in and day out micromanaging you through your goals. 

Prioritize Your Life

I didn’t lose 35lbs by keeping my life the way it was. That’s unrealistic and counterintuitive. Consistency requires prioritizing your life to fit what you want. If I want to pay off a credit card, I have to make that thing a priority, consistently. That means changing the way I live i.e spend money, save money. You have to decide that what ever you want is a priority. 

I am still working on losing the last 15lbs, fam. But it’s gonna take consistency (among other things). How are your goals looking for this year? Is there anything that you have accomplished? Or anything you’ve slip or given up on? 

It’s all good. Just keep going. 

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