Peace is Possible

Let’s be honest, running at a break neck pace all the time is unrealistic. Being busy 24 hours a day 7 days a week is unhealthy (at the least). I know what you might be thinking… “but my schedule is full and I need to do all these things.” I get it. 

I think tired is my new normal. I started work last week (I teach high school) and classes (I’m in grad school) in the same week. And ya girl is beat.

I took a much needed break this summer meaning I did absolutely nothing. And it was great (duh) until I realized my schedule was getting more and more full and my days less and less long. I’m anxious about my attention to my students and my homework. Which both require an uninterrupted and indefinite amount of time.

They are both important, though. And to make things worse: I want to be present for my family and be there for my friends, too. Life doesn’t just stopping going because I have to work or an assignment is due. So all this trying and busyness is unsettling my little heart. 

Truth is, I have to fight for my peace. I’ve found it’s something you have to guard especially because time is something you can’t get back. It never returns to you; a lot like your words. Once it’s out it’s out

Many people think peace is what happens when you’re asleep or your mind is at rest but I don’t think it’s that at all. You can be incredibly busy, have life tornadoing around you and still have peace in your heart.

 Know Peace is for You

You have to really want it. Peace is a place I can be in without even knowing it. It’s a home without walls. And let me tell you I had to fight it. Distractions will come because life is still happening. But the way to have peace that surpasses understanding is to put your hope in something or someone not of this world. And I choose God. 

I know he’ll never let me down no matter how many times I disappoint him (or myself); no matter how many things I pile onto my plate in 24 hours a day. I know my constant God will not move and I can have peace in my heart whenever chaos or calamity creeps up. 

Peace is a heart posture not a schedule position. Your schedule does not magically stop being full, there will always be something to keep your days busy and your nights full. The trick is to…

Find the Sweet In-Between.

It’s holding onto hope when everything else is hopeless. It’s choosing peace when your attitude is anxious. It’s choosing calm over the chaos. The sweet in-between is a place that can seem unattainable. But don’t get me wrong, it’s not living in some fantasy land where stuff doesn’t bother you. Stuff does bother you but it doesn’t snatch up your peace. Your peace is promised, you just gotta go after it.

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