Challenge Yourself

Being challenged isn’t something likable… you know, like eating ice cream on a hot day or having a massage after working hard. Nah, challenges are nothing like that. And it’s not that I don’t like them, I just don’t like how they make me feel. Who can relate?

My favorite book says discipline isn’t enjoyable at the moment but is painful. However, after it’s over, there’ll be a benefit of right living and peace. I know, you’re thinking what exactly does that mean, Shanisha? Well, your life and living will be better because of your commitment to tackle and conqueror said challenge. Namely, the thing you’ve been contesting with, beating into submission will yield a reward of righteousness for you.

Benefits of Challenges:

No kidding. The thing you’re wrestling with; you won’t always wrestle with! And that’s a reason to rejoice. It will become the norm. I asked Honestly Me’s Instagram followers (follow here) what are some challenges they are facing and, of course, things like exercising more and eating healthy came up. But things like writing more, kicking bad habits to the curb, and removing toxic thinking and behaviors came up, too. The latter seems more challenging but it’s really all difficult. And let’s not think any challenges are menial, the fact they you all are challenging yourself is outstanding! But don’t be fooled, challenges aren’t something you can fix quick but when done properly, they yield:

  • Joy
  • Self-control
  • Time-management

And I’m not joking about that last one! Once these challenges you face in this season are conquered, you’ll feel happy, sure, but the next one will be waiting for you. Relax, though. That one will be easier because you’ve already proven you can do it! And that’s where self control comes in. And, quite frankly, no one ever conquers something without learning how to manage it. Self-control is produced through the challenge and managing your time is a bonus; like finding $10 in those old pair of jeans you only wore once.

But What If I Fail?

Failing. I know, that’s a real thing. But failures aren’t always that bad. You learn a lot about yourself from each one (or you should be). You learn your pitfalls and triggers, your strengths and weaknesses, your reservations and proclivities. And that’s okay! This is a process, fam. You don’t conquer stuff like fear, toxic behaviors, and unhealthy eating overnight. I mean, you didn’t become that way overnight either. Next time you fail at something, eat a donut, cuss somebody out, or stay stuck because of fear, choose to fail forward. And I know that’s a cliché-ic phrase nowadays but it doesn’t make it not true. Don’t go backward or put yourself down because of one failure. Pick yourself up, wash your face, put your hair in bun and move on!

Challenges don’t just magically disappear, folks. I’ve been wrestling with my weight and having a positive body image for years. (But what women hasn’t?) It wasn’t until I decided in my mind that I was gonna make a real commitment to lose the weight and love myself in the process, that the weight (along with my insecurities) started to melt away. See, you have to stick with it! And, pretty soon, challenges won’t be so unlikable anymore. They’ll be a necessary process on your path to greatness.

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