Guest Post: Asia Blu, born in Rolling Hill Hospital in PA but all her schooling was done In Delaware , so she is truly a Delawar-ian lol. Liscensed Cosmetologist for 9Years she owns a Business called HomeSlay where she is able to offer House Call appointments for her clients to Slay their Hair, Make-up, & Lashes (check her business out @Homeslay_ on social media💜💜💜. She has been writing poetry since she was young but really started to take it serious the last 5-6 years, recently started dabbling into #Songwriting as well. She wishes for others to eventually sing her songs but for now it’s all her, it’s all about the energy and vibes and spreading love! Look out for more or her upcoming projects @asiablu_ 

I said “I’m asking to be taking higher,”

 he said “I’ll order your steps it seems they may be on fire,”
 he said “come correct I’m running but never tired,”
I’m looking higher,
 or to my highest,
his son’s the brightest,
his burdens lightest,
sin is death but I promise to you that Christ lives,
 you need and Christ gives,
Seek first the kingdom of God by faith that Christ is,
one for all, yeah, that’s what Christ did.
I’m going through what is not seen,
outside this, I’m quite mean
I catch attitudes like catchphrases, I might be, my conscious, my psyche,
be trying to psych me. at times I’ve given up,
but he still persuades me. fearlessly wonderfully made me,
living this life that he gave me,
he’s worthy and precious, ain’t he?
all on his name and he’ll save thee
He said “faith of a mustard seed,”
 never changing,
 Prayer Changes Things like powers for rearranging, my life he’s ordaining,
his words never changing,
 and on my side, he says that he’s forever staying,
and if my God be for me then who am I facing?
Forever gracing, my life before me,
regardless of what I do he’ll always Adore Me, always be for me,
 and when I fall he restores me,
 check the game The Devil’s in checkmate,
Jesus Paid the price checkmate. before you take the ride check the pace, cuz we all winning,
it’s not a race,
 don’t take no votes,
 it’s no debates,
my God’s on time, and yours is late,
Amazing Grace,
don’t seek his hand,
just seek his face

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