Express Yourself

I have been desiring more – greater influence over my students, building a wider connection with my subscribers, garnering a meal plan that I can actually stick to, establishing a realistic and healthy schedule to juggle my days.

My self-expression may be different from yours but if you ever want a seat at the table, start with expressing your desires in words.


Say It


It’s something that shifts in us when we open our hearts (and our mouths) and let that desire/want/need out. Let it out! Express what ever is you want with words. My default is to write (obviously) so I have some trouble expressing what I want with my mouth. But I can’t keep this to myself. I write down what ever it is I desire in notecards and put them in places I know I’ll see everyday and force myself to say it aloud. Whatever your medium of expressing yourself (writing, clothing, speech, at work, at home, etc) make sure you say it, often. Tell some people you trust in order to keep you accountable and then own it.


Own It


You deserve whatever you say you’ll have. If you want to eat healthier, say it. If you want to read a book a month, say it. If you want to be on time for work, say it. Yes, things don’t always happen they way we want just because we say it will but at least we’ll start believing it. There’s power in your mouth. And whatever you desire to have more of will start with your words; even if you don’t believe them yet. If your words match your thoughts then your actions have no choice but to follow suit. Keep saying it until you believe it. Don’t give up on it just because you don’t see it yet. Own it until something changes.


Whatever your desires, wants, goals may be for this year (or in life) you must explicitly, completely and faithfully state. Express yourself fully. You deserve what ever you say you’ll have.



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