What’s Your Motivation?

I like to think of motivation as a fluid concept. I mean, it’s there when you always need it but does it really move you?


In my mind, I believe it’s a reason to keep going. What happens when life happens? When going is a fluid concept? What I mean is whatever motivates you should last. Be able to sustain. Bendable. Constant. Well, because it will come to worse and we can’t give up there. We may have other responsibilities in way of pursuing our dreams. That’s when motivation comes in. It’s the point of it all.

So, what motivates you?


Whatever your passion may be it needs a home, a place to be motivated in. My first love is writing. It’s the thing that keeps me going when I can’t understand what’s going on. Its what allows me to express myself in ways I’m too afraid to speak of in person. It forces me to look at the world upside down, like a child curious of every little flaw, always asking why. It encourages me to stay beautiful with my words. I can move people. With my words. I can move mountains. With my words, things change…

And as eloquent as that sounds I still need motivation to do it. So, I often (daily) have to focus up on my ‘why.’

Know Your Why

Whatever your passion, purpose, calling you MUST know why you do it/or want to do it. It’s absolutely crucial! Or else your passion will become your poison, meaning, it will drain you, especially if you’re doing it for the wrong reasons.

And here is where many fail. For better or worse? Too many of us give up at worse. But, me? I’m married to this writing thing and I’m not giving up just because things get hard (as I tell my students often).

Honestly, keeping up with my blog schedule can feel daunting. I do feel like giving up… a lot. My worse = busyness VS sleep and everything in between.

How silly of me to give up just because my schedule gets a little cray cray? And then, I remember my why. I write to reach women who dare to smile again through healing conversations and, more importantly, I write because it keeps me sane. Many of my musings never make it to the blog. But then, I get the friend-of-a-friend, the stranger-sister on social media, text, or email whom my words have touched in some way. And that’s why I write. When you think about giving up. Don’t. What’s your motivation?Your why should scare you. Your why should force you to go when it’s 11:30pm and the only thing keeping you awake is coffee and Lauryn Hill (Killing Me Softly is.my.song!) Your why should be the early morning nudge to start that vlog, write that book, or workout at 5am. Simply, your why should propel you. It should sustain you beyond the power you have in yourself to move.


I know some of us have set some pretty lofty goals for 2018 – many of them have our passions attached to it. So, get up, make a plan, and go. You owe it to yourself, love. I didn’t stop at hard, I didn’t let my dreams fail. Yes, I have different responsibilities (see Know Your Limits) and new emotional baggage (see Dealing With Emotional Unrest) but there will always be something else vying for my heart’s attention. But I go, because of it. Go, because of the stuff that holds you back. Fight for it. And pursue purpose like your last breath.


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