Contentment Kills

When we think of contentment we typically think, “I’m okay with who am I and where I am in life.” But what if you’re not where you want and who you want to be?

Do you then stop pursuing a higher standard? Have you given up?


Contentment VS Comfortable

Contentment is usually synonymous with comfortability and I know we all tell ourselves to be content in our careers, relationships, academics, health, and so on and so forth but the thing with contentment is we run the risk of becoming comfortable – too comfortable. We become stagnate and complacent. We forget about the goals we’ve made on the way, the dreams we have, and the lives we want all under the guise of contentment.

The problem with contentment is we settle into just enough. Just enough to get by, just enough to pay the bills, just enough to be happy for a day or two (get the picture?)

This is not to say that we shouldn’t be content with who we are or where we are in life but we should NEVER stay there. And that is where too many of us fall.

I believe life is about constantly growing into better versions of ourselves; healing from what ever burdens us; and freeing ourselves of people bondage. And although sometimes it seems like nothing is happening, we must remember the end goal, even if its far off.


Don’t Stop at Satisfied

Think of the person who sets a goal to lose 50 pounds. The progress may, and will, take time, but will not happen immediately. But that doesn’t mean nothing’s happening and it doesn’t mean the person just stops after they lose five. Because that wasn’t the end goal. They’re not satisfied with five pounds so they keep moving forward.

I am teaching this year after two years of being a teacher’s aid. And I had every right to give up and start a new career. What’s more? I had every right to be content in the position I was in. I loved/love my job, don’t get me wrong, but I knew there is something greater for me. I was the best assistant I could have been. I came giving every student the opportunity to succeed, building relationships with students and teachers. And that propelled me into the position I am in today. Those same skills I learned under the mentorship of many teachers is helping me create a classroom atmosphere that is built for success. That’s not to say that every day was easy, every student was an angel or every co-worker saw eye-to-eye with me. So, what would have happened if I had given up? I wasn’t satisfied with just enough. I wanted more because God promised me better.


Faith AND Works

I’m a strong believer in fate BUT I know destiny isn’t going to just fall into my lap. I had to work (hard) to get this position. After two interviews (for the same position), a failed praxis test, and prayer (most importantly!) I finally got what God promised me. Wait on it, friend. But don’t stay stagnate in just enough! I’m sure anyone who’s successful now didn’t get there by just faithing it through! It required work, failures, sleepless nights, REPEAT but they didn’t stop.

The bible says faith is the confirmation of things we hope for and the evidence of what we do not see. The bible also says that faith without works is dead. So, what dead situation are you in your career, your relationships, your calling? We have to remember to faith it through and put some work to it also.


Friends, don’t fall for the trap of contentment. Yes, we should be happy where we are in life but don’t let this “I love me” and “living my best life” mantra foul you. We should be going from glory to glory even if we’ve achieved what we wanted, married who we wanted, and won the job of our dreams. Don’t stop there, set more goals, change more lives, and live well.



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