What Was Said? When Yourself Needs Getting Together

You will have what you say.

You know that co-worker who is negative all. the. time. Like whenever you ask them how they’re doing or how’s their day it’s always “don’t ask” or “why.” Or they just hate their job, their boyfriend, their life. Yes, that person. Or maybe you have a friend who ALWAYS talks about her problems like how is something always wrong in her life? And if that person is you then please don’t take offense to anything you’re about to read…

It’s so easy to identify negativity in someone else and plead for them to be positive or, better yet, have a better outlook on the situation. But this positive, life-giving speech starts with positive, life-giving thoughts.

If your thought life is out of order, then best believe your speech is too.

For instance, I received ANOTHER ‘no’ today from a literary mag that I submitted to. And usually, I feel displaced by rejection emails, like, it makes me question why I chose to write in the first place. Last week I had an interview for a job I can actually see myself enjoying, with a decent pay (for a girl with dual degrees). However, I did not receive the position for reasons out of my control. And to make things more bleak, every time I look at my bank account I am reminded that I deserve better. Thoughts and questions flooded my mind and negativity on top of negativity pounded on the door of my soul. And I know I am not supposed to be thinking those thoughts, like I know I’m supposed to be positive and look at the bright side. But when thoughts blare louder than words I have no choice.

You know, the only way to combat negative thinking is to use positive words.

That rejection email I got that day was a little reassuring, though. It picked me up out of my thought dump and focused my thinking. The sender seemed sympathetic without sounding pitiful. It drove my thoughts to consider what’s most important like how to better my writing and, knowing deep down that my writing is worthy.

So, instead of thinking my writing is trash I thought it was unique and started to say so even though, sometimes I do not believe it.

My pastor always says, “you will have what you say.” And this isn’t to say that a million dollars is going to fall into my lap if I say it. But if it’s attached to God’s will for my life then it will happen.

Instead of me being depressed and displaced due to the pressing need for me to have more deposits in my bank account. I believe I will be financially stable. But I don’t stop there, I say it too. And that shuts up any thought that would be contrary to truth already spoken. Instead of believing I will never get the job I am more than qualified to have, I say that I will have the career of my dreams. Instead of believing my writing is mediocre I say that I am on my way to becoming the best writer I can be.

And just because I speak these things doesn’t mean I believe it. Yet. And it definitely doesn’t mean I feel it. But it’s a start.

Now, what ever is said out of my mouth reflects the hope I hold in my heart. 

Having something positive to say about your current circumstance begins with having positive thoughts. Get this, there is no way for you to have hope spill from your lips if it is not spilling over in your heart. 

And that, friends, requires you to begin within.


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