decisions decisions

each come with its own set

of resolutions.

thoughts of treacherous and benevolent

outcomes torture me.

I wish I could hold onto just one

pick it one up and take it home


my steps are hidden

cloaked in darkness

robed in shadows.

my eyes are both open and closed –

vision unchanged


the uncertainty plagues me

when simple decisions arise.

it’s the silence that cripples me

the space in between


I never know if my next step

is true

my direction may be wrong

my mind has every right to change

the result could be worse than

when I began


it doesn’t feel good.

my emotions hold me

hostage from new choices

and paralyze my feet from its forward movement



decisions decisions

I pray doubt don’t drown me

with indecisiveness and deceit

I pray hope brings me home

to happy habitation

I pray certainty searches me of all secret questioning

and then saves me from myself

I pray surety encompasses me, truth backs me

up, and wisdom break through

I pray failure flees my peripheral and vanishes

from my sight

I pray fear run scared and find

its rest in hiding

I pray prayer be my

weapon when emotions blare louder

than truth

I pray obedience be

my first choice regardless

of my freedom

I pray my next steps are

bold even if

my flesh disagrees


I pray

I will go on.


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