Finding My Own Black Girl Magic

and its not an easy feat.

my magic is in my walk, my speech

it even seeps through my pores whenever I breath

black girl magic is a combination of all that makes me. me

passionate, happy, naive



I am still finding it

allowing myself to possess

those emotions

in all their glory


my magic is in my smile

the way my curves hug and squeeze

how my lashes rise and full with every blink.

there’s magic in my words

with the parting of my lips

and confidence of my voice


the magic is found in being comfortable in my melanin

honoring the body

my soul is blessed to abide in


each mark stretched across my skin

is a declaration of beauty.

loving my flaws, accepting them

letting the world become better

to have me in it


my magic is all my own

it resonates with other beautiful black women

who know its power

and embrace its truth


pieces of my magic are sprinkled

on days, dates and dominates any place.

it follows me

wherever my journey leads


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