Chaos Before This Black Girl Does Grad School

My musings via guest post to Black Girl Does Grad School.

Black Girl Does Grad School

Often times I am asked why I’m applying to graduate school. That’s followed with questions about my area of study and, upon me explaining it, most ask why I’m choosing to study fine arts. And I appreciate the concern. Making money is a requirement in the game of life. However, there is a seemingly huge contrast between income and studying the arts, you know, music, film, and writing.

A lot of my family and friends ask me, “what do you plan to do with that?” and ‘that,’ being a Master’s of Fine Arts. If they catch me on a good day, when I’m not being stubbornly sarcastic, I tell them that I plan to write, with all of me.

Many people frown upon a fine arts degree as if it’s worthless or something to study just to pass the time. And that may be true for some, but I am…

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4 thoughts on “Chaos Before This Black Girl Does Grad School

  1. I’m in the same boat right now. I want to get my Master’s in English but I am afraid of the outcome and if it’ll be worth it because I have a degree that I’m not using. Plus, the application process is tough with trying to study for the GRE and deciding what to write about for my writing sample.

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    1. Hey girl hey! I feel you on that! But I have to ask myself is this something I want to do or am I doing this just to get some income? I also couple that with A LOT of prayer lol. But I say if it’s something you love to do than why not pursue it? A graduate degree opens up a lot of doors and connections. Good luck on your writing sample. I could be a proofreader if need be. Just let me know!


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