How to Achieve Your Dreams in 2018

1. Begin Within

Like many great accomplishments, it all starts within. In order to carry out your specific goals, visions, dreams in the new year you have to believe in them. I know what you’re thinking, “Shanisha, this is nothing new. I know I have to believe in myself.” And you’re right however, its when things happen that we can’t explain which makes us question our abilities and future. And that calls for belief beyond what we can grasp on our own.

For that simple reason, I’ve created a Jar of Positivity. It’s a mason jar filled with positive words, inspirational quotes from folks I admire, prayers to keep me going in those hard places and whatever else I decide to throw in (it could be a drawing for you really creative girls out there). I write them down on sticky notes, place them inside the jar and put it some where I’ll see it everyday. I grab a piece of encouragement how ever often I need it.
2. Accountability is Key

No one ever reaches success without the right people in their corner to propel them.
 (And you can qoute me on that!) Ladies, we have to find people who will hold us accountable to our goals. One of my dreams for this year is to apply to grad school. The application is due February 1st which includes a 30-page writing sample, two letters of recommendation, a one to three page statement of intent and a passing GRE test score. Now, how foolish would it be for me to try and do this on my own?

So, ya girl, reached out to some writers online (that I had no relation to previously) to see if they could proofread my sample. I bought a GRE prep course online, because it’s been almost 3 years since I graduated. I emailed my former professors to see if they would write me a letter of recommendation (don’t burn your bridges!) And I keep myself accountable to my Facebook group, (and if you’re looking for community, you can join too by clicking right here). You have to know the resources you need in order to filter out people who will give it and those who will take.

3. Warrant Change


The inevitable will happen. Embrace it.

And adjust your schedule, thoughts and goals accordingly. Another one of my goals is to save more money this year. I want to be able to take vacations, pay off some debt and move out on my own. But last summer I got a speeding ticket (don’t judge me) that brought up my insurance. And I had no idea insurance policies go up after you get a ticket (welcome to adulthood), like people, I paid it off that should be enough. But my entire insurance policy went up right after the new year and guess who’s fault it is? Exactly. But I am still going to give it my best in saving this year. This isn’t a set back.

4. Just Keep Going

If you mess up, fine. But don’t stay there. Last week in “What I Refuse to Do in 2018” one goal I circled was refusing to overeat in hopes of being satisfied. In the past, I’d start a new diet, lifestyle change, healthy eating habits or whatever we choose to call it, and then fall off for a day or two. It would be so devastating to me that I would just stop trying all together. I would feel like a failure and hated the thought of having to start over. But the truth is, if I have just one “cheat day” it won’t mess me up for good. One mess up won’t swamp all the progress you’ve made thus far. Just keep going. 

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