Soul Food

When I think about this season we’re in, I am prompted to consider sharing. In reality, I share many things: hair products with my mom, wine with my girls, encouraging words with my students. We all share things like meals, laughs, and gifts.  The common denominator (excuse my teaching moment, but I am an educator) is the word “with.” Did you catch that? Sharing literally takes another. And for a girl whose dealt with depression this ‘sharing’ is quite critical, especially during around the holidays. The action has to have someone else. And its these moments of sharing that mean the most to us, moments like these make up our life and our character, they influence how we see the world and those in it.


The phenomenon of sharing happens most frequently with my Radical City Church fam. Recently, we shared a thanksgiving meal together. It was a couple of friends of friends turned family who met together to share much more than just food. It was reminiscent of the way the French share meals. Four months abroad taught me that « à table » means more than just a phrase denoting time. It denotes movement: it’s like a call for the family to come and eat dinner at the kitchen table (an outdated pastime for American families). The elaborate meals are well matched with elaborate conversations, laughs and love.

That is what I shared with my RCC fam this past November. It felt like I was right back in the south of France eating « aperitif » with my host mom, Rafika. We shared serious things, playful moments, questionable events, hot topics, music, kids, jobs, family and someone even became free in the process. The more time I spend with people who support, encourage, promote and better me the less the feeling of depression takes hold of me.


What about you? Name one thing you shared this year.

And if you’re dealing with feelings of loneliness this season or know someone who is, be the friend who shares her time this year or make it your business to get out the house and around people who don’t mind sharing their love with you.

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3 thoughts on “Soul Food

  1. Thanks for following my blog; you are very kind. You really have some wonderful “Santas” in your post. May God bless you, and all of your family.

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