“Who Told You That?” An Honest Look At Beauty

this week’s blog is a personal essay by a beautiful writer, Shaneisha Epps, she identifies societal norms that women of all generations have succumbed to and provides real solutions on how to feel truly beautiful

Every era has had its own set of standards by which beauty is measured.  Additionally, all cultures have their own ideas of what they consider “ideal beauty.” Across the globe, women are bombarded by the media with images of what this “ideal beauty” looks look.  More often than not, these images portray unrealistic standards of beauty that women go to great and, sometimes, dangerous lengths to attain.  Societies preoccupation with these unrealistic standards of beauty is resulting in an increasing number of physical and mental health disorders among young girls and women.

American culture’s recent fixation on the idea that a woman’s body should be perfect, with a small waist, round hips and butt and large breasts is one such example of these unrealistic standards.  According to societal standards, an ideal woman’s body has physical features similar to J Lo, Beyoncé and Michelle Obama.  Women are now flocking to cosmetic surgeons for butt and breast implants and liposuction.  The cosmetic surgery industry is booming, while the self-esteem and self-images of women is plummeting, which is far from a fair trade. While the women named are doing amazing things professionally, we should avoid comparing ourselves to them.

Many of the women that society views as “beauty icons” have had surgeries and/or enhancements done in order to look the way they do. Unfortunately, many of us either don’t realize or forget this, and inadvertently feel pressured to look like these figures of “artificial beauty.” Whether we realize or admit it, the images portrayed in the media have a big impact on our self-confidence.  We should keep in mind that these women in the media have been artificially enhanced and that they are not the standards of beauty we should compare ourselves to. In fact, we should not compare ourselves to any other person, but we should seek to love ourselves as we are and know that we are beautiful individuals. The truth is, that no matter how much the media obsesses over physical beauty, true beauty comes from within. True beauty comes from inner peace, kindness, honesty, integrity, self-awareness, and being healthy mentally, physically and emotionally. Remember: You are beautiful!



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