5 Reasons You’re Still Single

Before the hate emails start coming, ladies, this is not an exhaustive list!

And it’s intent is for those of us who desire to be married.

These are just some things God revealed to me in my quiet time with him and by observing the many many many relationships of people I know.

I am neither married or courting so I don’t pledge to know everything there is about relationships however my hope is that these reasons will shed some light on this single period in our lives.


Reasons why you’re still single:

1.That man would become your God

It’s true that God is a jealous God and he wants absolutely no one before him. He will hold off on presenting that dream man to you until you get your everything from the supplier of life itself.

2. Not wife material.

To say that marriage is hard work would be an understatement. Are you willing to put in the work right now, while you’re single? So when that man is brought into your life he knows for sure he wants to marry you. If you are single and want to be married then act like it: take notes from married women you admire, carry yourself as a wife should, read some books on being a godly wife and find out exactly what that looks like.

3. Be what you want to attract

You can’t hold a man to higher expectations than you hold for yourself. So you might desire a man who makes 6 figures but you don’t make that much. You might want a husband who is involved in church a deacon, or a co-pastor. But, sweetie, when was the last time you visited church or gotten involved in a small group so that you have some people to journey through life with you? Or you might want your future husband to drive an Audi but you don’t even have a license. You might say, I just want a man to take of me. Which isn’t a bad thing but, sweetheart, some man did take of you over two thousand years ago so that you wouldn’t have to look to man to do what God has already done. What are you doing for yourself? A man can see if you are going to suck him dry or if you’re looking for a partnership. Though, he will gladly provide for you knowing that it all comes from God anyway.

4. Lack of confidence

Maybe you don’t believe a man could approach you or that you’re not pretty enough to be on his arm. This type of self-hate chips away at our soul so much that we eventually start to believe it. Let me just say that whoever is feeling this way, it is not true! Don’t you know that you are God’s masterpiece? Yes, you are beautiful just the way you are. (I’m channeling Bruno Mars). But it is true. And if a man has a problem with the way you look then he just isn’t the man for you. Stop altering yourself because you think you’ll be able to catch a man. If he doesn’t love you now, less of you isn’t going to make him fall for you; a bigger butt won’t make him stay; fuller lips won’t keep him home and double D’s won’t stop his eyes from wandering.

Honey, be your confident you because everyone else is taken.

5. It just isn’t your time

There is a season for everything under the sun and the sun just hasn’t shined on you yet. I struggle with this myself because I can be very impatient in little things like traffic or long lines at amusement parks. But the truth is, my time hasn’t come and if you’re discouraged like me our time is coming. Everything has a purpose so in this time of singleness let’s try to prepare ourselves the best we can for marriage. Let’s allow God to work on our strongholds so that we won’t cause our future husbands to fall. If you have a problem with drinking allow God to pull that taste from your mouth, if your issue is lust let God take that desire from you, if the sin that shackles you is lying, anger or back biting let God into those dark places of your heart. So that He can then present you to your husband whole.

Ladies, if you believe any of these reasons are holding you back from marriage please allow the God of your lonely nights and many tears into your heart. You won’t ever regret it!

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