3 and Me

Today’s blog is a poem by Noelle Hardy, one of love and self healing. 

as a teen I was fascinated by the number 9
I watched a movie and instead of fighting for her love he read a simple poem about the square root of 3
it’s been said that 7 could eat 9
and lovers could become 1 through 69
neither true
it’s a proven fact the only thing that could break down 9 was the number 3
I figured I was already my own 3 and 1
but I couldn’t become 9
what stopped me from becoming 9?
9 was prime and I was prim,
9 was odd like I,
9 was twisted,
not as twisted as 8 but enough to be a little bit greater
maybe my fate was to be 3 and 1
when I was 18 which when divided by 2 is 9
I met a 3
he was much more than a 3 to me, though
he was odd like I
prime like I and slightly twisted like I
3 and me decided to become 6
but 6 wasn’t enough
with simple subtraction we would be 3’s again
so, 3 not me decided to become 9
and with a simple prayer and a ring
3 by me
we became 9 and we were fine
no subtraction could stop us
no addition could phase but division –
division we never mastered
division struck by 2 first but realized that’s not my root
my root is 3
…he was my 3 and I was my 1
3 and 3 clashed like fires
eventually burning us out
but I always had my 1
which I stuck into my head on top of myself
unlike 6, I held myself up instead of down so, technically, I was 4 which messed up my root
we aren’t 9 anymore now we are 10
3 wanted to be a 9 but I couldn’t give up 1
the square root of 9 is 3
there is no square of 10
and holding on to 1
I lost my number 3

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