The Problem.

I completely understand.

A subject as abstract as sin doesn’t come up much in conversation.

It is uncomfortable.

Not many people, Christians and not, know the fullness of sin; the weight it causes; the stain it leaves.

We don’t speak of it for fear of judgment or being excluded.

It’s actually quite shallow when you think about it, isn’t it? We keep quiet about our sin, and others, because we don’t want to step on their toes and, of course, neither do we want people stepping on ours. While we secretly struggle daily, alone, and the struggle grows and grows.

Or, we don’t want to be excluded from friends and groups. When did we start wanting to people please over pleasing God?

Sin, in its simplest form, separates us from our Father. It creates a rip in the foundation of our relationship with The Creator.

This thing called sin

is exciting and enticing

it can be pleasing and misleading.

It lies to us; it offers temporary remedies for permanent emptiness.

It haunts us with sweet memories of its joy; taunts us with feelings of satisfaction that never last.

Promising wholeness, leaving us broken.

Sin is guaranteed death.

It’s hard.

To live and live sinless. An impossible feat.

But there is a solution – to our sickness and separation. A petition to live and sin less.

The One, the Christ, the Savior

Saw our emptiness and chose to complete us.

He is redemption.

Grace in its purest form.

Salvation at its best.

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2 thoughts on “The Problem.

  1. Nothing good comes from this flesh, only his grace saves us from sin, it not by our will nor strength but by his grace. Thank you for sharing this with the world. 💙

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