Queen Mentality

Look at this life that we livin’
Women are criticized constantly using they bodies as privilege
Thinkin’ “good looks”
Will bring more attention
It’s only wrong intentions
Laced with rude words and cat calls, complements but no pause
Because respect is outlawed and judgement
Is favor
Of the one who is dense enough to believe that we could reciprocity without dignity
You see, it’s time we agreed on the true identity of you and me
Who is she?
A woman.

No, her bra size does not equal the size of her heart
Stop playing in the dark
Trying to fit, squeeze, and shrink into those beauty standards
Those height standards
Weight standards
Those not enough
Or too much standards
Whose standards
Do you abide to?
Must I remind you?
The beauty you seek is inside you
The acceptance you long for has already been paid for
By a Savior who came for
Your less than so
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