Let me tell you, my friends are like pancakes on Sunday morning

sticks to you and makes you all warm inside

they allow me to rest my head in a bed of roses

better yet, a bowl of vanilla ice cream

you know me and that doesn’t make you uneasy.

You know exactly who you are, ladies.

A good friend is far and few between

each has the qualities of a perfect Mona Lisa

beautiful, light-hearted, attentive

you’re flawless like Beyonce

beloved like Maya Angelou

your words are soft like a northeast sea breeze and stays with me

even after you leave.

True, a good friend is hard to find

you’re stable like the roots of an oak tree and strong like the backs of my African ancestors

how you love me?

Please, our bond is unshakable.

Your words are refreshing like the cool side of the pillow.

It’s a shame why other girls don’t have this privilege

a blessing

girlfriends to hold you up

instead of tearing you down

a house of  bricks not straw

a slew of positives not flaws.

Truth is, I need you probably more than you need me.

Each of us fit into each others stories like pieces to a puzzle

whether permanently or seasonally

you challenge me; increasingly

to do and be better

what if?

all women experienced this

all women had a few Mona’s and Angelou’s in her corner

all women knew how much they are needed

all women knew how precious and essential they are to God’s plan

a vision of women loving intentionally, genuinely

and with abandon.

Truth is, the beauty of friendship is almost absent

in a world where the view of women is recklessly portrayed on reality TV

we women believe we should only connect with others who are like us

wear the same shoes as us

use the same hair products

or eat the same food

as if something as simple as background and race makes bonds a little stronger.

Well, I have a  friend in Aix who is the realest chick I’ve ever seen

we struggle to believe that other females can actually help us

contribute excellence and encouragement to our lives

this barrier of lies

hinders the fabric of friendships from even coming into fruition.

So, I make a petition

to you, every diamond dusted

sugar and spice encrusted

marvelously drizzled with love and kindness women

Yes, to you who needs a friend

try being the epitome of friendship

you attract who you are.

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