Young, Single, and… Christian

Ahhh… what joy brings this person, what happiness and fun-filled days!

That’s how it should sound when someone is young, single, and most importantly Christian.This ought to be sweet years in this persons life, a time that is soul-searching, relaxing, and adventurous. However too many of us stumble through this phase in life. Or rather, we try to rush into a marriage so we we can stay ‘pure’ not realizing that a marriage is more than just physical attraction. Not belittling the beauty of combining two bodies and souls into one but too many of us want our cake before the party.

Not to say that I’ve ever been married or in a serious, committed relationship but just by my observations of solid and genuine love-filled marriages and honestly it’s a lot of work, probably more than some of us single Christians would like to think. The hard truth is that a lot of us want to be married without wanting to do marriage. We want the benefits without the sacrifice. 

Actually, it’s quite sad.

To know that fellow brothers and sisters like me fall everyday to the lie that calls out to us, provoking us, taunting us even, and tells us that we have to be with someone in order to be happy. As if a feeling could magically make everything be right. While diminishing the truth of the bible every minute we choose to believe the lie. With a life that destroys the truth we never will know that there is beauty in our singleness. Every moment is intentional therefore instead of praying away our singleness let’s try to listen to what God is trying to tell us and get us to learn through this time transfixed into minutes and saturated with moments. Let us try to remember that God is always intentional and He knows exactly what He’s doing.

With that truth, my mind and heart can rest easy.


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