Livin' for Today


What’s worth more than money, more valuable than pearls, more precious than a new born baby’s skin, more beautiful than the smiles of a newly wedded couple, and is something than no one on Earth can buy, sell, trade, exchange, refund, or return. There is no bargaining with this or one-day sales.

The most precious commodity to any person, is something that we all need more of however we tend to waste it ever so often.

Time has been the object of human’s existence since creation began. Many of us need more of it and some just throw it away however the truth is, that time has no respect of person. It has been in existence since you or I were here and will continue to go on after we are gone whether we like it or not. So-called time machines and fix-its won’t make this any better. The best thing you or I could do is make the best of it, what ever that looks like for you.

Instead of stressing, worrying, being angery, or feeling guilty, lets foster our time into something that is more beautiful and will mean more to us when we reflect on it in our memories. Lets make memories that last for ourselves and our loved ones. Memories that bring smiles and yield laughs when we happen upon them in our minds. Memories and happy moments is what keeps the human body living and breathing. Laughter is the fuel that connects us together as one. Lets create the yellow instead of the blue, the good instead of the bad, the relaxation instead of the agitation.

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