Tear Down These Walls!

Honestly Me


I have been noticing lately the foolishness that seems to crowd my social media sites, news feeds and IG.

  Butts and Breasts

Niggas and Bitches

Horoscopes and Bouncing Babies

Money over Everything

So-called “life goals” that lead to nowhere

This translates= I’ve been hurt, I’m searching for satisfaction, I’ve built walls, I don’t believe in myself, I don’t think I’m pretty, I’ve made mistakes, I’m pathetic, I need money, I want someone to want me, I was born this way, I’m mad at the world, I want happiness.

My heart breaks for my generation. But the truth is, at one moment or another, I was in that exact place that some of the people I “follow” have been. I understand this desperate need for attention, to be loved, to be heard and noticed, to feel unimportant and unappreciated, to think that no one cares or understands. Yes, I completely understand…

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