Journeys and Celebrations


Specifically the black females’ crown.

the natural sister

the relaxer sister

the braids and weaves sister

the shave it all off – crown and glory sister

the dread lock sister

And more than likely two or more of people who identify with these groups intersect.

We African Americans have so much diversity and culture, just in terms of hair. Since the nap came back in style, black people are deciding to go back to their roots (and not just women!).

Its quite the phenomenon.

Being a naturalista myself, I am completely enamored with the idea of just letting my hair grow the way it wants without adding any heat or chemicals. For too long people have Europeanized hair. As if light blond coils are the only standard of beauty. I love that black folk have finally taken the limits off of hair care and really started to love every curl, coil, kink, and crinkly nap God gave them. So I choose to celebrate the natural hair styles that are on the rise. It might seem like its easy to up and “go natural” however every natural that I’ve ever asked the question “Why did you decide to go natural?” have given me somewhat of the same answer, spiritual healing, including myself. Its more of a state of mind than a cute hairstyle. So I salute to every fellow natural sister out there, all over the globe. I’m not dissing or bashing anybody else for using the creamy crack but I’m celebrating those in the family!

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