We Are Listening

“What a great time to be young and Christian in America” (Yay!)

This is something that a young believer probably has not head or said recently. However in light of other world events that plague numerous countries, being young and Christian in America seems pretty sweet. For reasons I can’t explain, many believers feel that America has strayed away from her original faith based system thus She has opened herself to all kinds of sins. Now, the US has definitely changed since its original foundations but as Christians, this is not be something that surprises us. Any bible reading Christian knows that is explains things in this Earth would only get worse and that includes our beloved, USA. We should not be surprised that the living conditions get a little unfamiliar and uncomfortable. However instead of welcoming dialogue with others namely, non-believers, we tend to run away from it as if the church has no comment on these issues. As believers we should seize every opportunity to promote conversation with people who don’t necessarily believe in the same things that we hold true to our hearts. I believe many Christians struggle with explaining the issue of sin and forget to or discover why it is wrong in the first place. Which is a direct result of lack of studying and teaching by the church. This is why people are confused about what the stance of the church is. I believe that the state of this nation is at the best its ever been, in regards to believers, because non-believers are becoming more and more vocal with their forms of “freedom” and in result so should the church. I believe that young believers are key presenting the Gospel to friends and family members that are not Christian. Because we walk and talk like them and we look and understand them, presenting Jesus to unbelievers is now more crucial than ever. It should not be “easy” but it should come with an ease.

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